Late-seventeenth-century sexual self-help best-seller

þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg

ever so slightly obsessed
Hello and welcome :)

I am active in a whole bunch of sex, sexual health and relationship themed communities. I am proud to moderate a couple of them.

I post to this journal infrequently but I am very much here. I make occasional public posts with resources or discussions of things I've seen around lately. If you want to see what kind of topics that's likely to include, take a look at the tags, and the list of communities I'm in.

Participating: I post things because I want people to read them, and ideally, comment. Anyone is welcome to do so, LJ friends or anonymous types alike, and comments are just as appreciated on old posts as new. I like comments, basically.

Needless to say, please keep discussion and disagreement polite and respectful.

'Friending': Please go right ahead and friend me if you find these posts interesting - no need to ask!

As you can see by the title of my friends page, it contains things I'm interested in reading, and as this is a themed journal most of them will be about the issues I talk about here. I will most likely check out the journal of anyone who leaves me a comment, but I'm only really interested in the personal journals of people I've already built up a relationship with elsewhere.

Icons: I made all my icons, and I luff them very much. Feel free to steal and edit to your heart's content (except my default and any which are actually photos of me - please leave those be).